How To Use French Linking Words (39 Examples + Anki File)

How to use French Linking Words

Do you want to know how to use French linking words? Are you tired of just being able to use the same (boring) linking words such as: et, mais, quand, parce que, and ou? Or, do you simply want to improve your vocabulary? Well good luck, in this lesson I present to you the definitive […]

My Journey From 0 To C1 In French In 1 year.

0 to C1 in French in 1 Year HD

Can you go from 0 to C1 in French in 1 year? This was something that I wondered about in May 2019. So, why not challenge myself. I would start in July 2019 with 0 French and in July 2020 I would have a C1 level. I wanted to know if I had the capability […]

How To Learn French By Studying 1 Hour a Day

How to learn French

So you want a learn French but don’t know? In this post I am going to explain how to learn French using Language Atlas and other services to create an effective learning strategy! As you may know a language is divided into 6 levels. This begins with A1 which is the beginner’s level and ends […]