French A1 Verbs Anki Deck

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This is the offical French A1 Verbs Anki Deck.

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The French A1 Verbs Anki Deck contains everything you need to know on the subject of verbs for French A1.

Please go to the French A1 Verbs to get a detailed overview of the content of this deck!

6 reviews for French A1 Verbs Anki Deck

  1. Julia Whitley

    I have tried many things before this, but I never really could stick with something. I tried the trial A1 deck before this one and it just clicked with me. Everything is done and sorted so I don’t have to do that much. Anki schedules everything for me, and I think I am remembering more than before! I am now trying Italki for the first time. Thanks!

  2. Thomas Lee

    Before using Anki to learn French I often used it for Med School so I already know how valuable it is. One of the things that I hated doing most was creating Anki Cards as is it just so time-consuming! Luckily, with this Deck all the work is already done so that makes everything so much easier. All of the concepts are explained really well, and I like the audio and images with everything. This is 5 stars for sure!

  3. George P

    Good deck. Doing this myself would have really taken a lot of time. Thanks 🙂

  4. TT

    Je pense que c’est super! Merci!!!

  5. Elisa

    It was the first time that I tried learning via Anki but I think it’s quite effective. Am remembering more and more. Going to try A2 when its out.

  6. Jay

    I am following an A1 course and having this deck really helps. In class we work on verbs often and having this is really useful.

    This is a great addition to my other French learning materials. I can only recommend it to others.

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