Top 5 Beaches In Spain You Should Check Out

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The beaches in Spain are best known for their . And while summer has come and gone this year, don’t worry! It’s never too late to start planning for next year! There are many beautiful and scenic beaches in the country that it can be difficult to choose just one to visit. So, here are 5 of the top beaches you can visit in Spain, for your next beachside vacation.

1. Platja De Can Pastilla – Mallorca

There is a reason why Mallorca is one of the most popular Balearic islands, off the coast of Spain. It is the best places to eat, play, and relax. It’s miles-long beach coasts are what make the island one of Spain’s more popular summer vacation destinations, and Platja De Can Pastilla is one of the best beaches in Spain to visit. Not only is it just under 7 miles long, it’s lined with not just hotels and resorts, but some of the best seafood restaurants too. So, after a long day of swimming, sunbathing, and playing beach games, sit back in one of their laid-back seafood restaurants with a paella and a cold drink, to wind down for the night.

Platja de Can Pastilla - one of the most family friendly beaches in Spain

Enjoy the nightlife and entertainments at one of the hotels and sip a cool cocktail, before dancing along to the beat. Not only that, but because of the miles of beachfront Platja De Can Pastilla can offer, you won’t have to worry about squeezing for a spot, or getting up early to save a spot for you and your family. There’s plenty of space, and plenty to do. From jet skis to volleyball, there’s something for everyone.

2. Playa De Ballota – Llanes, Asturias – North of Spain

If you’re looking for one of the more quiet beaches in Spain, then look no further than Playa de Ballota. Surrounded by beautiful cliff sides, and natural, uninhabited hills, you’re bound to find some privacy here. Playa de Ballota is in the Asturias region of Spain, to the north. It’s located in the Bay of Biscay, facing the Atlantic. So, if you’re in Spain for the summer, and the heat is beating down on you, you’ll be able to cool off in its waters.

Playa de Ballota
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A word of warning though, because of its privacy, you may stumble across a dedicated section for nude sunbathing. So, if you’re travelling with a family, you may want to bring a map with you, to avoid that area. After all, being on a nudist beach isn’t to everyone’s taste, but there is still lots to do and explore at Playa de Ballota. You may even want to go hiking amongst the local forests and hills. Or you might want to play amongst the outcroppings of rocks that scatter the beach’s coastline. Whatever it is, you can be sure that Playa de Ballota is one of the most scenic beaches in Spain.

3. Platja de sa Boadella – Barcelona – North East of Spain

If you’re in the Barcelona region, why not travel a few miles east to the Platja de sa Boadella? This gem in the north east of Spain is the perfect getaway for those looking for adventure in the summer. Why? It’s another nudist beach! So, if you’ve forgotten your swimsuit at the hotel, don’t worry, just walk on by in your birthday suit, and if you’re a little on the shy side, then splash straight into its Mediterranean waters!

Platja de sa Boadella
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Platja de sa Boadella is one of the best beaches in Spain, because not only is it surrounded by gorgeous rocky cliffs, a garden park is just next door at Jardin De San Clotilde. So, if you’re tired of seeing people running around in their birthday suit, just walk on by to the garden park, and spend some time amongst its beautiful flowers, topiaries, and statues.

4. Cala Del Pi – Costa Brava – North Of Spain

Another well know Balearic island, off the coast of Spain is Costa Brava, and it’s no surprise. Just a little further north than Barcelona, Costa Brava has many series of private and secluded beaches in Spain that are perfect for adults, who want to get away for the summer. So, if you’re looking to be romantic with your partner, propose, or even spend your honeymoon, come to the Costa Brava region, these small beaches won’t disappoint! Particularly the Cala De Pi.

Cala Del Pi

Surrounded by dug out tunnels, caves and other small beaches, you and your partner can spend your vacation all to yourselves, with no interruptions. Splash about in its clear blue waters, and jump into the water from their many diving rocks. You’re bound to have endless fun in the area. And if it gets too crowded, there are other small beaches nearby you can even walk to!

5. Puerto Banús – Andalusia – South Of Spain

If you’re looking for a family beach vacation, then look no further than Puerto Banús. Named after the man who built the marina, Puerto Banús is one of the best family beaches in Spain. Not only are the waters here calm, but there is lots to do. With numerous cafes and restaurants, water sports and a nearby harbour, there’s something for everyone. And even if you’re travelling alone, or with a partner, there are many clubs, bars, and nightlife entertainment, to keep you up all night.

Puerto Banús

Not only that, but there are lots of department stores and malls around. So, if you’re tired of playing about on the beach, why not go shopping! With the well known El Corte Inglés department store and mall, you’ll find all your favourite brands nearby. And, with the marina nearby, why not take a boat out to sea, and swim with the fishes! It’ll be a fun day out with the family. So, a visit to Puerto Banús should be on your family vacation bucket list, if you’re looking for a fun filled vacation on one of the best beaches in Spain.

Get Your Tan On At These Beaches In Spain

Inspired yet? Start planning for your next summer vacation, and visit Spain in its summertime glory. Or if you’re looking to get away for the winter, celebrate Christmas at these beaches in Spain. Their celebrations are just as lively as the summer. It’ll be a great way to experience the Christmas culture in Spain. Just be sure you do your research before you go. After all, if you’re travelling with your family, a nudist beach may come as a shock to your children!

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