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Why Language Atlas?

Progress Quickly With Well Structured Courses and Lessons

The courses of Language Atlas are based on the CEFR. That means that they encompass: A0, A1, A2, B1, B2, and C1.

Every lesson has explanations, examples with audio, and quizzes.

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Copy of I am happy to see you 1024

Remember all the Vocabulary and Grammar with Anki

Use Anki alongside the courses on Language Atlas to remember everything you studied. 

Anki is an open-source and free Flashcard system. You get free Anki Decks for all courses when you become a member. These are yours for life!


Become part of a Global Community

People from all over the world are learning French. You can interact with them, ask them questions, or ask talk with them in the Forums.

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What are people saying?

"I couldn't Imagine myself learning French without Language Atlas"
Julia Whitley
"The Most effective way for me to Learn French"
Terry F
"This French Course really ties everything together"
Thomas Lee

Who are we?

Created from the idea that learning a new language is an enriching experience and opens up many new doors. Meeting new people and seeing new places is part of the bigger adventure.