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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find the most common questions.

If you have a question, but cannot find it in there, then please send a mail to sam@languageatlas.com.

You question will be promply answered.

You get access to the French A0/A1 Course, the European Spanish A0/A1 Course, and the Latin American Spanish A0/A1 Course.

You also get access to the French A0/A1 Anki Deck, the European Spanish A0/A1 Anki Deck, and the Latin American Spanish A0/A1 Anki Deck.

These have about 60 lessons with audio, 600 quizzes, and 1200 Anki Flashcards.

The Anki Flashcards adapt to how you learn, giving you a personalized progression.

Language Atlas uses Flashcards.

These Flashcards use spaced repetition and active recall. Please read our article on how to learn a new language to find out more about these techniques.

When you combine these two techniques you can recall 290% more.

This study, and this study go into much more depth about spaced repetition and active recall.

After purchasing you have a 14 day period to get your money back.

All you have to do is send an email to sam@languageatlas.com asking for a refund.

It is that simple!

No, you only need to pay once for the lifetime plan.

You can pay with Credit Card.

After you pay you get access to all the content of Language Atlas. This includes the courses, forums, flashcards and much more!

You may need to wait a minute or refresh if you don’t immediately have access to the courses. But after doing this you will get access!



Ask your question in the Forums! You can also send me an email if you want to know anything, or have any doubts. My email address is sam@languageatlas.com


When you take any subscription you get access to all courses. This means all our French and Spanish Courses.


What do people say?

I couldn't imagine myself learning French without Language Atlas.
Julia Whitley
The most effective way for me to learn French.
Terry F
This French course really ties everything together.
Thomas Lee