625 Most Common French Words Anki

625 most common French Words Anki

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Do you want to know how to learn the 625 most common French words in the most effective and efficient way possible?

If so, the 625 most common French Words Anki Deck is the best solution for you!

In this post I am going to explain everything you need to know about why you should use the 625 most common French Words Anki Deck, what it is, and how to get it!

Here’s a video that shows you the content of the 625 most common French Words Anki Deck:

If you would like to read rather than watch, then please go ahead and keep reading!

Why should you use the 625 Most Common French Words Anki Deck?

  1. You will be able to understand and use almost all of the spoken language

A study by the experienced professor Stuart Webb and Thi Ngoc Yen Dang showed that by knowing the 1000 most common words you will be able to understand up to 85% of the language.

Knowing the second 1000 most common words only allows you to understand 3-10% more words that you would encounter.

Therefore those 1000 first words are absolutely essential and will help you understand almost all of the spoken language!

If you think about it, it makes a lot of sense.

You are much more likely to use words such as “dog”, “house”, and “red” in everyday conversation than “ostentatious”, “symbiosis”, and “nonplussed”.

Starting with 625 most common French words gives you an excellent foundation that will allow you to understand everyday conversation and use those words too.

Now you may be thinking, this Anki Deck only teaches the 625 most common French words, where are the remaining 375?

A big part of those are (conjugated) verbs.

It isn’t smart to learn those without knowing the grammar behind them.

For example, in English, you would say:

I am hungry.

You may expect that in French it would be:

Je suis faim.

You probably looked up that “I am” and found “Je suis“.

However, that would be wrong. The correct answer is:

J’ai faim.

In French you would use avoir (to have) rather than être (to be).

Also, Je changes to J’ because there is a vowel after it.

There are so many more examples of this, and not just the present tense, think of past tenses too.

The 625 most common French words Anki Deck contains verbs, but has a nouns and adjectives focus.

Therefore the 625 most common French Words Anki Deck should be used with the French A1 Anki Deck where you will encounter the remaining words, and understand the fundamentals of French!

Either way, the 625 most common French words Anki Deck allows you to understand most of the spoken language!

2. Practice the 625 Most Common French Words

The 625 most common French Words Anki Deck has 1,250 flashcards.

These flashcards contain every single concept that you need to know!

This means you have a tremendous amount of exercises.

The best part is that the exercises will adapt, depending on your own performance.

This gives you a tailor-made practice deck.

You will be able to practice every single facet of the 625 most common French words.

  1. Improve your French Comprehension and Pronunciation.

All of the flashcards in the 625 most common French Words Anki Deck have an audio file.

In fact, there is an audio file for the sentence in which the word is, and a separate audio file just for the word.

This means that you will know how the words and sentences are supposed to sound in French.

This will greatly improve your French comprehension.

Moreover, because you hear the audio, you also improve your own pronunciation.

Finally, if you are ever confused, there is also the IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet) of the words and sentences for you to check.

  1. The Best Way to Memorize the 625 Most Common French Words

One of the biggest advantages of using the 625 most common French words Anki Deck, is that it is the PERFECT tool for memorizing what you have learned.

No longer will you keep forgetting what you studied!

Read more on the benefits of Anki in the next chapter!

Why is it so important to use Anki?

anatomy 1751201 640 1

Have you ever studied for an exam and then forgotten everything a few days after the exam?

In fact, according to Art Kohn Ph.D, a professor at Duke University, within 24 hours most of us forget an average of 70% of new information.

It is a feeling that most of us experience. Often this would not be a problem.

However, when it comes to language this can become a huge issue. Learning vocabulary and grammar to then forget them later on would be a disaster!

Anki prevents this from happening and ensures that you remember what you study.

Let’s take a look at the 3 reasons why Anki is so effective.

  1. Active recall

Active recall means that Anki asks you a question and you have to remember the answer. This is more powerful than passive learning and improves your memory.

When you retrieve information from your brain you strengthen your ability to retain information and create connections in your brain between different concepts.

  1. Spaced Repetition

This system finds its origins in the spacing effect. The spacing effect illustrates how people learn better if reviews are spread out over time.

Spaced repetition introduces new concepts in batches to you. A flashcard appears and if you know the answer the flashcard moves to the next batch. This batch will be shown to you at a later time. The more often you answer correctly the later the intervals become.

However, should you answer wrongly, the flashcard moves to the first batch again, and you will see it more often.

  1. Ease

Anki takes care of all your scheduling. There’s no need to calculate when you need to use which cards. Furthermore, Anki is available on both iOS and Android users, so you can download it on your smartphone and use it wherever you are.

Card Structure of the 625 Most Common French Words Anki Deck

All words are placed in sentences so you can learn them in the correct context.

All Flashcards in the 625 most common French words Anki Deck have an image, an IPA notation, and an audio file.

The image allows you to create a better memory with the word/concept that you are studying. You are linking a concept with a certain image.

The IPA notation is so you can exactly know how something is pronounced and be able to repeat that pronunciation yourself.

The audio file allows you to understand how something is pronounced in French. This will help you to improve your French comprehension.

Here is an extract, so you can hear what the audio sounds like in the 625 most common French Words Anki Deck. The IPA notation has been added too.

J’aime le chien de mon frère.

ʒɛm lə ʃjɛ̃ də mɔ̃ fʁɛːʁ

Elle porte une robe.

ɛlə pɔɾt ynə ɾɔbə.

There are 2 card types in the 625 most common French words Anki Deck.

  1. Conjugate/Fill in the blank

On the front side, you will be faced with a sentence both in French and English.

In the French sentence, something is missing.

In the English sentence, the word that you need to know is bolded and underlined.

You have to know what goes in the missing area.

On the back, you will see the French sentence, the IPA notation of the sentence, the English translation of the sentence, and an audio file of the French sentence.

You will also see just the French word, the IPA notation of the word, the English translation of the word, and an audio file of the French word.

This gives you the opportunity to see and hear the word in a sentence and just by itself.

Please note how “sa mère” is colour coded to pink to remind you that it is feminine. All nouns are colour coded blue for masculine and pink for feminine. This will help you remember the gender of nouns better.

  1. Type the correct French word

This is the same as the first card, however in this one you have to type the correct word.

You will see if you made any errors, or if you were correct.

This helps improve your writing skills in French.

Course Content of the 625 Most Common French Words Anki Deck

The 625 most common French words Anki Deck contains a total of 1,250 Flashcards over 4 chapters, containing a total of 27 lessons.

I am going to show you exactly what’s inside the 625 most common French words Anki Deck, chapter by chapter.

Please note that for every sentence there are 2 card types.

The card types have been explained in the previous chapter.

Chapter 1: Pronouns

The first chapter of the 625 most common French words Anki Deck is about subject pronouns!

The chapter has 16 Flashcards and contains 1 lesson.

These are the words that you will be learning:

you (plural)they

Chapter 2: Verbs

The second chapter of the 625 most common French words Anki Deck is about verbs!

The chapter has 162 Flashcards and contains 1 lesson.

These are the words that you will be learning:

to workto play
to walkto run
to driveto swim
to goto stop
to followto think
to speak/sayto eat
to drinkto kill
to dieto laugh
to cryto buy
to payto sell
to shootto learn
to jumpto smell
to hearto listen
to tasteto touch
to seeto watch
to kissto burn
to meltto dig
to explodeto sit
to standto love
to pass byto cut
to fightto lie down
to danceto sleep
to waketo sing
to countto marry
to prayto win
to loseto mix/stir
to bendto wash
to cookto open
to closeto write
to callto turn
to buildto teach
to growto draw
to feedto catch
to throwto clean
to findto fall
to pushto pull
to carryto break
to wearto hang
to shaketo sign
to beat/hitto lift
to live

Chapter 3: Adjectives

The third chapter of the 625 most common French words Anki Deck is about adjectives!

The chapter has 150 Flashcards and contains 2 lessons (general adjectives and colours).

These are the words that you will be learning:

longshort (vs long)
youngold (vs young)
darklight (vs dark)
the colour/a colour

Chapter 4: Nouns

The fourth chapter of the 625 most common French words Anki Deck is about nouns!

The chapter has 924 Flashcards and contains 23 lessons.

These are the words that you will be learning:

the dog/a dogthe cat/a cat
the fish/a fishthe bird/a bird
the mouse/a mousethe cow/a cow
the pig/a pigthe horse/a horse
the wing/a wingthe animal/an animal
the train/a trainthe plane/a plane
the car/a carthe truck/a truck
the bike/a bikethe bus/a bus
the boat/a boatthe ship/a ship
the tire/a tirethe gasoline/gasoline
the engine/an enginethe ticket/a ticket
the transportation/transportationthe big city/a big city
the house/a housethe apartment/an apartment
the street/a streetthe airport/an airport
the train station/ a train stationthe bridge/a bridge
the hotel/a hotelthe restaurant/a restaurant
the farm/a farmthe court/a court
the school/a schoolthe office/an office
the room/ a roomthe town/a town
the university/a universitythe club/ a club
the bar/a barthe park/a park
the camp/ a campthe store/a store (or shop)
the theatre/a theatrethe library/ a library
the hospital/a hospitalthe church/a church
the market/a marketthe country/ a country
the building/a buildingthe ground/a ground
spacethe bank/a bank
the location/ a locationthe hat/a hat
the dress/a dressthe suit/a suit
the skirt/a skirtthe shirt/a shirt
the t-shirt/a t-shirtthe pants/pants
the shoe/a shoethe pocket/a pocket
the coat/a coatthe stain/a stain
the clothing/some clothingthe son/a son
the daughter/a daughterthe mother/a mother
the father/a fatherthe parents/parents
the baby/a babythe man/a man
the woman/a womanthe brother/a brother
the sister/a sisterthe family/a family
the grandfather/a grandfatherthe grandmother/a grandmother
the husband/a husbandthe wife/a wife
the king/a kingthe queen/a queen
the president/a presidentthe neighbour/a neighbour
the boy/a boythe girl/a girl
the child/a childthe adult/an adult
the human/a humanthe friend/a friend
the victim/a victimthe player/a player
the fan/a fanthe crowd/a crowd
the person/a personthe teacher/a teacher
the student/a studentthe lawyer/a lawyer
the doctor/a doctorthe waiter/a waiter
the waiter/a waiterthe secretary/a secretary
the priest/a priestthe policeman/a policeman
the army/an armythe soldier/a soldier
the artist/an artistthe author/an author
the manager/a managerthe reporter/a reporter
the actor/an actorthe job/a job
the religion/a religionthe heaven/a heaven
the hell/a hellthe medicine/a medicine
the medicine/a medicinethe money/a money
the dollar/a dollarthe bill/a bill
the marriage/a marriagethe wedding/a wedding
the team/a teamthe race/a race (ethnicity)
sex (the act)the gender/a gender
the murder/a murderthe prison/a prison
the technology/a technologythe energy/an energy
the war/a warthe peace/a peace
the attack/an attackthe election/an election
the magazine/a magazinethe newspaper/a newspaper
the poison/a poisonthe gun/a gun
the sport/a sportthe course/a course
the exercise/an exercisethe ball/a ball
the game/a gamethe price/a price
the contract/a contractthe drug/a drug
the sign/a signthe science/a science
Godthe band/a band
the song/a songthe instrument/an instrument
the musicthe movie/a movie
the artthe coffee/a cafe
the tea/a teathe wine/a wine
the beer/a beerthe juice/a juice
the waterthe milk
the beverage/a beveragethe egg/an egg
the cheese/a cheesethe bread/a bread
the soup/a soupthe cake/a cake
the chicken/a chickenthe pork
the beefthe apple/an apple
the banana/a bananathe orange/an orange
the lemon/a lemonthe corn
the ricethe oil
the seed/a seedthe knife/a knife
the spoon/a spoonthe fork/a fork
the plate/a platethe cup/a cup
the breakfast/a breakfastthe lunch/a lunch
the dinner/a dinnerthe sugar
the saltthe bottle/a bottle
the foodthe table/a table
the chair/a chairthe bed/a bed
the dream/a dreamthe window/a window
the door/a doorthe bedroom/ a bedroom
the kitchen/a kitchenthe bathroom/a bathroom
the pencil/a pencilthe pen/a pen
the photograph/a photographthe soap
the book/a bookthe page/a page
the key/a keythe paint/a paint
the letter/a letterthe note/a note
the wall/a wallthe paper/a paper
the floor/a floorthe ceiling/a ceiling
the roof/a roofthe pool/a pool
the lock/a lockthe telephone/a telephone
the garden/a gardenthe yard/a yard
the needle/a needlethe bag/a bag
the box/a boxthe gift/a gift
the card/a cardthe ring/a ring
the tool/a toolthe home/a home
the clock/a clockthe lamp/a lamp
the fan/a fanthe cell phone/a cell phone
the network/a networkthe computer/a computer
the program/a programthe laptop/a laptop
the screen/a screenthe camera/a camera
the television/a televisionthe radio/a radio
the head/a headthe neck/a neck
the face/a facethe beard/a beard
the hair/a hairthe eye/an eye
the mouth/a mouththe lip/a lip
the nose/a nosethe tooth/a tooth
the ear/an earthe tear/a tear
the tongue/a tonguethe back/a back
the toe/a toethe finger/a finger
the foot/a footthe hand/a hand
the leg/a legthe arm/an arm
the shoulder/a shoulderthe heart/a heart
the bloodthe brain/a brain
the knee/a kneethe sweat
the disease/a diseasethe bone/a bone
the voice/a voicethe skin/a skin
the body/a bodythe sea/a sea
the ocean/an oceanthe river/a river
the mountain/a mountainthe rain/a rain
the snow/a snowthe tree/a tree
the sun/a sunthe moon/a moon
the world/a worldthe earth/an earth
the forest/a forestthe sky/a sky
the plant/a plantthe wind/a wind
the soil/a soilthe flower/a flower
the valley/a valleythe root/a root
the lake/a lakethe star/a star
the grassthe leaf/a leaf
the airthe sand
the beach/a beachthe wave/a wave
the fire/a firethe ice
the island/an islandthe hill/a hill
the heatthe nature
the glass/a glassthe metal/a metal
the plastic/a plasticthe wood/a wood
the stone/a stonethe diamond/a diamond
the claythe dust
the goldthe copper
the silverthe material/a material
the meter/a meterthe centimeter/a centimeter
the kilogram/a kilogramthe inch/an inch
the foot/a footthe pound/a pound
the half/a halfthe circle/a circle
the square/a squarethe temperature/a temperature
the date/a datethe weight/a weight
the edge/an edgethe corner/a corner
the map/a mapthe dot/a dot
the consonant/a consonantthe vowel/a vowel
the light/a lightthe sound/a sound
the yes/a yesthe no/ a no
the piece/a piecethe pain/a pain
the injury/an injurythe hole/a hole
the image/an imagethe pattern/a pattern
the noun/a nounthe verb/a verb
the adjective/an adjectivethe top
the bottomthe side
the frontthe back
the outsidethe inside
westthe direction/a direction
the summer/a summerthe spring/a spring
the winter/a winterthe fall/a fall
the season/a season0
billionthe first/a first
the second/a secondthe third/a third
the fourth/a fourththe fifth/a fifth
the number/a numberJanuary
the year/a yearthe month/a month
the week/a weekthe day/a day
the hour/an hourthe minute/a minute
the second/a secondthe morning/a morning
the afternoon/an afternoonthe evening/an evening
the night/a nightthe time/a time

This course is for you if

YOu are a beginner

Did you just start with French? Perfect, this is exactly where you need to start. This is the perfect beginner level Deck.

You need a refresher

You studied French a long time ago. Perhaps in school or in university, and you have forgotten a lot of concepts. This Deck will help you a lot.

Have difficulties with Vocabulary

When it comes to vocabulary you are unsure and make mistakes. This Deck has an overview of the most frequently used words in French, so this is excellent for you, and will help you improve your French.

Keep forgetting what you studied

This Deck introduces the French language from its core and is incredibly intuitive. Even more so, Anki is designed in such a way for you to optimize your retention. You will no longer keep forgetting what you studied!

This course is not for you if

YOu are an Intermediate

You already know many French words. You have studied French for some time now. 

You are an expert

You have studied French for years and already know all the important words in French.

You are looking for a magic bullet

There is no magic bullet that will magically make you fluent in a language. Anki is a great system, and the Deck will help a lot, but is still requires effort on your part.

Not willing to commit to learning French

Learning French requires you to study on a daily basis. If you don’t want to work on improving your French then this Deck cannot help you. Improvement requires work.

Customers reviews


What people say?

This Anki Deck is absolutely wonderful! I am using it in combination with the French A1 Anki Deck and it feels like a cheat code. I am learning so fast, and everyrthing is already done for me so I don’t have to put in hours and hours to make those cards. I like the audio and IPA notations, it helps with the pronunciation of the words and sentences. All in all this is terrific! Thanks!
I have been looking for something like this for a long time. It has all the words that you need to talk with people and together with the French A1 Anki Deck I am learning grammar too. What I really like is the use of colour to indicate the gender of the nouns. Whenever I see something blue I know it’s masculine and pink for feminine. It makes remembering easier for me.
United States

625 Most Common French Words Anki

99 .
  • All Of The 625 Most Common French Words
  • 1250 Flashcards
  • 4 Chapters
  • 24 Lessons
  • High Quality Audio
  • High Quality Images
  • IPA Notation
  • 14 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • One Time Payment

Yes, of course! Once you have purchased the Anki Deck, you are free to edit whatever you want.

After you have purchased the Deck you will be redirected to a page where you can download the Deck.

I have put great effort and time into the Deck, so I am sure that you will be happy. Nevertheless, should you not feel content with your purchase, then you have a 14 day money back guarantee. Please send an email to sam@languageatlas.com and you will receive a refund.

Go to https://apps.ankiweb.net/ and click on download.

Pay via PayPal; you can pay with your credit card if you don’t have a PayPal account.

Paypal is used for the payment process. It is a reputable company with a great track record for safe payments. Also this website has a secure connection which you can check by clicking on the lock icon left of the URL.

Feel free to send me an email if you want to know anything, or have any doubts. My email adress is sam@languageatlas.com

I made this course in such a way that it’s very easy to use for everyone. I even let my grandmother check it to see if see could understand/use it and everything was fine! If you were able to get to this page, then you will be able to use the Deck without any problems!

Yes, it is possible to try a deck before buying one.

Click here to try a trial deck.

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