Complete French A1 Anki Deck

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This is the offical French A1 Anki Deck.

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The Complete French A1 Anki Deck contains everything you need to know for French A1.

Please go to the French A1 Anki post to get a detailed overview of the content of this deck!


2 reviews for Complete French A1 Anki Deck

  1. Malcolm

    I have been using this decks for a few days and I am happy with it. It’s just ABSOLUTELY HUGE. It has pictures, sound, explanations everything! Im just glad all the work was done for me. It was just what I needed.

  2. Jules

    I saw a post on Reddit about this website and was curiousl. I liked the free lessons but I never heard of anki before. I thought why not lets try it. I have been using it for a week now and quite like it. Like the other reviewer said there’s a lot of content so it will really last a long time. You can change the card structure from 4 cards to 2 cards. I really liked the 2 cards structure and the author recommends that as well. I think it has been helping me a lot but you also have to speak French. For that I use italki in combination with this deck. In conclusion I think that this can really help anyone that is serious about learning French.

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