The Top 5 Easy Ways to Practice French at Home in 2022

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Do you want to know the top 5 best ways to practice French at home? In this article I will tell you how to do that! There is no better way to learn a language than fully immersing yourself in the country and culture, but that is much easier said than done. With the current pandemic and travel restrictions, jumping on a plane to France may be a tad difficult – and expensive. However, there are many ways to practice French at home, and most of them are free. These are our favorite ways to practice French at home; feel free to try them out and see which work best for you.

Find a Virtual Pen Pal

Writing letters to people may sound a little outdated, but having a pen pal is a fantastic way to practice French from home. You can find people of all ages and genders, so you can make new French friends from all backgrounds. There are two major pros with having a pen pal. 

The first is that you can learn about daily French life and culture directly from a French native. Since you will likely start off by talking about hobbies and daily activities, you can learn a lot about how to hold a casual conversation as well. After a while, you may be able to have deeper conversations with your French pen pal, and have someone to visit in the future!

The second major pro is that you can check each other’s letters for any mistakes. Having a pen pal is not one-sided, so you can help each other out with learning. Your French pen pal can show you the correct grammar and spelling, and maybe teach you some slang. It’s a great way to improve your French writing skills right from home. 

Some great websites to use are:

Keep a Journal

Some learners may not feel comfortable with writing to a pen pal, which is completely fine. If that is the case for you, then try writing a daily journal in French. This is helpful regardless of your level, because it’s flexible and you can write as much or as little as you want. 

It may seem simple, but writing about your day teaches you how to talk about daily life which is great for casual conversations with other French people. For beginners, start out with a few sentences. They can be as simple as “I went shopping,” or “I was happy today.” The more grammar and vocabulary you learn, the more you can add to your sentences later on. 

Keeping a French journal isn’t just a good way to practice French at home for beginners, it is great for intermediate and advanced learners as well. Rather than writing simple sentences, go into more detail about what you did during your day and how you felt throughout the day. Talking about emotions is usually a more complex topic, so it’s awesome for those that want more of a challenge.

Journaling is one of the best ways to practice French at home.

Practice French at Home with Apps and YouTube

There are a multitude of apps and YouTube videos that can improve your French writing and listening skills significantly. Most French apps focus more on sentence writing practice, grammar, and vocabulary drills. Apps are great for both beginner levels and advanced levels, but many of the free apps are geared more towards beginner learners. Some of our favorite apps out there are Duolingo, LingoDeer, and Babbel. 

YouTube is one of the best ways to practice French at home, and it’s free! What is so awesome about YouTube is that you can choose which learning direction you want to go in. If you want to focus on grammar lessons, there are many videos that will break down the most difficult grammar points into simple steps. On the other hand, you can watch French vloggers discussing topics you enjoy, to see French used in a natural and fun environment. 

Most French YouTubers have English subtitles if you don’t feel ready to practice without subtitles. However, if you want more of a challenge, watch the videos without subtitles and write down the words you don’t know. Some of our favorite French YouTubers are: The Purple Palace, EasyFrench, and Cyprien. But there are many other YouTubers out there, so find one that you like and get to practicing.

Watch a Movie or TV show in French with French subtitles

Watching a French movie or TV show with French subtitles may sound tough, but when you have both the audio and subtitles in French you can improve listening and pronunciation skills significantly. It’s likely one of the most fun ways to practice French at home, too!  

Actors tend to over exaggerate expressions and enunciate more than regular people, so you can hear and see how to properly pronounce words. With the magnified acting, you will have a much easier time understanding and matching the emotions behind words as well.

This tip is great for intermediate and advanced learners, but if you are a beginner it can still work! To practice this tip at home, watch a movie that you already know dubbed in French with French subtitles. For instance, many Disney movies are dubbed in French, so watch your favorite animated film with a French dub. Since you know the plot, you’ll have an easier time understanding the words. 

Take a Virtual French Course 

Most of the tips we have mentioned so far are free, or have little cost. However, some learners feel better studying with a teacher than on their own. Self-studying can be quite difficult, so hiring a private tutor or joining an online class is one of the more easier ways to practice French at home. With the current pandemic, finding online teachers and courses has become much easier.

The first place to visit is right here at Language Atlas! From beginners to advanced students, we have courses that cover grammar, idioms, and even tips on how to continue your French studies. Similar to a classroom, Language Atlas provides quizzes after the lessons to make sure that you fully understood the topics.

By becoming a premium member of Language Atlas, not only will you have full access to every French course, but you can also use the famous Anki flashcards to practice your French vocabulary. Anki flashcards use spaced repetition and active recall to improve your French skills exponentially. In combination with the online French lessons, your language recall and increase up to 290%!

If you are interested in learning more about Language Atlas’ French courses, I recommend starting with the French A0/A1: Introduction to French course. It’s free to take, so give it a try and see how you like it.

With the creation of the internet, options for practicing a language have increased exponentially. These tips we have provided are just the top five ways to practice French at home, but there are so many more. Try out some of these tips and find what works for you. Good luck in your studies! Bonne chance!

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