Spanish Negations Overview

This is the Spanish Negations Overview.

The Spanish negations are ordered according to the CEFR level scale.

What Are Negations?

Negations are words that express the opposite of a word or sentence. Some famous negations are no, not, and never. 

Here are some examples:

I will say yes. I will say no.

I am here. I am not here.

I am always here. I am never here.

When you want to make something negative, you will use a negation.


Learning Path

In A1 you will learn about the beginner’s principles of Spanish negations

In B1 you will learn about the intermediate principles of Spanish negations.

Spanish a1: Negations

Forming Negations

Spanish B1: Negations

How to Use and Say Never in Spanish = Nunca

How to Use And Say Neither Nor in Spanish = Ni…Ni…