E to I Stem Changing Verbs Present Tense Conjugation [+26 Examples & Quiz]

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In this Spanish grammar lesson you will learn about the e to i stem changing verbs present tense conjugation.

In this lesson you will learn about:

  • how e to i stem changing verbs are conjugated in Spanish
  • how e to i stem changing verbs are used in sentences in Spanish
  • how you can quiz yourself on the e to i stem changing verbs present tense conjugation
  • how you can practice with flashcards on the e to i stem changing verbs present tense conjugation
  • how and why you should use the courses of Language Atlas to learn Spanish

Please refer to the Spanish A1 Page to get a better overview of Spanish grammar, if you are curious about how this fits in the overall structure of Spanish A1.

By the end of the lesson you will know all about the e to i stem changing verbs!

Table of Contents

E to I Stem Changing Verbs Present Tense Conjugation Table

repetir (to repeat)decir (to say)

As you can see, for these verbs the -e changes to an –i in the yo//él/ellos forms.

There is one important verb in this group that is just a little bit different.

Decir (to say) has –go ending in the yo form.

All the other verbs conjugate just like repetir (to repeat).

Common E to I Stem Changing Verbs

All of the verbs in this group are -ir verbs.

Here’s a list of common e to i stem changing verbs:

bendecirto bless
colegirto deduce
competirto compete
conseguirto obtain, get
corregirto correct
decir*to say, tell
despedirto fire
elegirto elect
freírto fry
gemirto groan, moan
impedirto impede, hinder
maldecirto curse
medirto measure
pedirto request, ask for
reírto laugh
repetirto repeat
seguirto follow, continue
servirto serve

*Decir has a –go ending in the yo form.

Example Sentences with E to I Stem Changing Verbs Present Tense Conjugations

This section of the lesson on the e to i stem changing verbs present tense conjugation is about seeing the verbs in action.

This is valuable because you can improve your understanding of the e to i stem changing verbs present tense conjugation through examples.

The sentences are ordered by verb similarity and subject pronoun.


Yo siempre me río de este chiste.

I always laugh at this joke.


Tú nunca te ríes.

You never laugh.


Carla compite en carreras de esquí.

Carla competes in ski races.


Nosotros solo servimos a nuestros clientes.

We only serve our customers.


Vosotros no servís para nada.

You are useless.


Muchos estudiantes compiten por ingresar a las mejores universidades.

Many students compete to get into the best universities.


Yo digo lo que pienso.

I say what I think.


Tú nos maldices al hacer esto.

You curse us by doing this.


Eso que tú dices es muy importante.

What you say is very important.


Él siempre dice la verdad.

He always tells the truth.


Vosotras siempre decís eso.

You always say that.


Ellos bendicen a los niños.

They bless the children.


Todos dicen que es culpable.

Everyone says that he’s guilty.


Los científicos predicen grandes problemas dentro de 5 años.

The scientists predict big problems 5 years from now.


Yo elijo ser feliz.

I choose to be happy.


¿Cuál de los dos caminos eliges tú?

Which of the two paths do you choose?


El profesor corrige las pruebas.

The teacher corrects the tests.


Nosotros elegimos esto.

We choose this.


Vosotros nunca corregís sus errores.

You never correct her mistakes.


Los ciudadanos eligen al alcalde por un periodo de cuatro años.

The citizens elect the mayor for a four-year term.


Pido permiso para subir a bordo.

I request permission to come aboard.


¿Cuánto pides tú por esto?

How much do you ask for this?


Él me pide que lo mantenga en secreto

He asks me to keep the secret safe


Nosotros pedimos que anulen esta ley.

We request that they repeal this law.


¿Por qué pedís vosotros esto?

Why are you ordering this?


Los niños a menudo me piden dinero.

Children often ask me for money.

Quiz Yourself on the E to I Stem Changing Verbs Present Tense Conjugation

It’s not enough to just read this lesson.

You should test your knowledge to see if you really understood everything, and to be able to repeat the material.

At the end of every lesson you can do a small test.

You will see the sentences of the previous chapter. It is up to you to give the correct answer.

You will either need to fill in the blanks, choose the correct multiple choice option, or both.

Once you are done the correct answer will be shown.

You can redo the quiz as many times as you want!

How to Practice With Flashcards for This Lesson

Using flashcards is an absolute necessity when it comes to learning a language!

It is the best way to memorize what you learn, you can personalize your progression because it adapts to your actions, and all flashcards have audio to improve your hearing and pronunciation.

Please read our article on how to learn a new language for more information on flashcards and the best way to learn a new language.

There are two ways to practice with Flashcards for this lesson.

  1. Anki
  2. The Flashcards in our Courses

Anki is a free software with which you can create and practice flashcards.

After you have downloaded Anki for free, you can get our Spanish A1 Anki Deck.

This Anki Deck contains 3,084 flashcards with which you can practice absolutely everything for Spanish A1.

All the flashcards have text, images, explanations, and audio.

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However, I am sure you are wondering, what are your courses, and why should I take them?

The Courses of Language Atlas

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Using my experience and by doing research I created Language Atlas, a platform where people can learn French and Spanish in the most effective and efficient way.

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