Soler Present Tense Conjugation [+6 Examples & Quiz]

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In this Spanish grammar lesson you will learn about the soler present tense conjugation.

In this lesson you will learn about:

  • how soler is conjugated in Spanish
  • how soler is used in sentences in Spanish
  • how you can quiz yourself on the soler present tense conjugation
  • how you can practice with flashcards on the soler present tense conjugation

Please refer to the Spanish A1 Page to get a better overview of Spanish grammar, if you are curious about how this fits in the overall structure of Spanish A1.

By the end of the lesson you will know all about soler (to tend to/to usually [do something])!

Table of Contents

Soler Present Tense Conjugation Table


Example Sentences with Soler Present Tense Conjugations

This section of the lesson on the soler present tense conjugation is about seeing the verb in action.

This is valuable because you can improve your understanding of the soler present tense conjugation through examples.

Yo suelo caminar.

I usually walk.

¿Qué sueles tú hacer los domingos?

What do you usually do on Sundays?

Él suele saltarse las reuniones.

He usually skips meetings.

Nosotros solemos comer antes de las siete.

We usually eat before seven o’clock.

Vosotros soléis comprar un croissaint.

You usually buy a croissant.

Kevin y Carol suelen hablar en francés entre ellos.

Kevin and Carol usually speak French with each other.

Quiz Yourself on the Soler Present Tense Conjugation

It’s not enough to just read this lesson.

You should test your knowledge to see if you really understood everything, and to be able to repeat the material.

At the end of every lesson you can do a small test.

You will see the sentences of the previous chapter. It is up to you to give the correct answer.

You will either need to fill in the blanks, choose the correct multiple choice option, or both.

Once you are done the correct answer will be shown.

You can redo the quiz as many times as you want!

Conjugate: SueloYo caminar.

I usually walk.
Conjugate: SueloÉl saltarse las reuniones.

He usually skips meetings.
Conjugate: SueloNosotros comer antes de las siete.

We usually eat before seven o'clock.

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