Poner Present Perfect Tense Conjugation [+10 Examples & Quiz]

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In this Spanish grammar lesson, you will learn about the poner present perfect tense conjugation.

In this lesson you will learn about:

  • how poner is conjugated in Spanish
  • how poner is used in sentences in Spanish
  • how you can quiz yourself on the poner present perfect tense conjugation
  • how to practice with flashcard on the poner present perfect tense conjugation
  • how and why you should use the courses of Language Atlas to learn Spanish

By the end of the lesson you will know all about poner (to put)!

Table of Contents

Poner Present Perfect Tense Conjugation Table

haberpast participle of poner

As you can see, you conjugate haber in the present tense and add puesto after it.

Poner (to put) and its derivatives are irregular in the present perfect tense.

Example Sentences with Poner Present Perfect Tense Conjugations

This section of the lesson on the poner present perfect tense conjugation is about seeing the verb in action.

This is valuable because you can improve your understanding of the poner present perfect tense conjugation through examples.

He puesto todos tus juguetes en la caja roja.

I have put all your toys in the red box.

¿Has puesto el aire acondicionado?

Have you turned on the air conditioning? [=tú]

Jaime ha puesto las botellas en el congelador.

Jaime has put the bottles in the freezer.

Nosotros hemos puesto tu maleta en el salón.

We have put your suitcase in the living room.

Vosotras no habéis puesto demasiado esfuerzo en este trabajo.

You have not put much effort into this assignment.

Los niños han puesto la televisión en su cuarto.

The children have put the television in their room.

Ustedes no han puesto sus reclamaciones.

You have not made your demands.

Here are some derivatives of poner:

  • componer (to compose)
  • posponer (to postpone)
  • proponer (to propose)


Tu hijo ha compuesto una canción con la guitarra.

Your son has composed a song on the guitar.


Andrea ha propuesto que vayamos a comer a su casa.

Andrea proposed that we go to her house for lunch.


Han pospuesto la reunión para la semana que viene.

They have postponed the meeting to next week.

Quiz Yourself on the Poner Present Perfect Conjugation

At the end of every lesson you can do a small quiz.

You will see the sentences of the previous chapter.

You will either need to fill in the blanks, choose the correct multiple choice option, or both.

Once you are done the correct answer will be shown.

You can redo the quiz as many times as you want!

Fill in the Blank!

Yo salir con mis amigos.

I wanted to go out with my friends.

Fill in the Blank!

quedarte un rato más, ¿verdad? 
You wanted to stay a little longer, didn't you?

Fill in the Blank!

Ustedes visitar el Vaticano.

You wanted to visit the Vatican.

How to Practice With Flashcards for This Lesson

Using flashcards is an absolute necessity when it comes to learning a language!

It is the best way to memorize what you learn, you can personalize your progression because it adapts to your actions, and all flashcards have audio to improve your hearing and pronunciation.

Please read our article on how to learn a new language for more information on flashcards and the best way to learn a new language.

There are two ways to practice with Flashcards for this lesson.

  1. Anki
  2. The Flashcards in our Courses

Anki is a free software with which you can create and practice flashcards.

After you have downloaded Anki for free, you can get our Spanish A2 Anki Deck.

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