French Prepositions and Conjunctions Overview

This is the French Prepositions and Conjunctions Overview.

The French prepositions and conjunctions are ordered according to the CEFR level scale.

What Are Prepositions and Conjunctions?

Prepositions are words that show a relation between other words in a sentence. Often, they show when or where something happened.

Here are some examples: 

The toy is in the box.

The man is behind the woman.

I have been calling you since this afternoon.


Conjunctions are words that link other words, phrases, or clauses with each other.

Here’s an example of why conjunctions are so important:

I like him. I don’t like her. 

I like him, but I don’t like her. 



Learning Path

In A1 you will learn about the beginner’s principles of French XXX

In A2 you will learn about the elementary principles of French XXX 

In B1 you will learn about the intermediate principles of French XXX

In B2 you will learn about the upper intermediate principles of French XXX

French a1: Prepositions and Conjunctions

Common prepositions

How to say “in”

Prepositions and cities

Prepositions and regions/states/provinces 

Prepositions and countries

Prepositions and transport

French a2: Prepositions and conjunctions

En versus Dans

[With versus In]

Pendant, Durant, Depuis, Pour

[How to express duration]

Descendre de/Monter dans

[To get off/on transportatation]

French B1: Prepositions and conjunctions

Expressing Distance


French B2: Prepositions and conjunctions





[of which/including]





pour que

[so that/in order that]


bien que



French C1: Prepositions and conjunctions

Overview of French Linking Words