-aindre -eindre -oindre Verbs Conjugation in the Present Tense (Le Présent)

-aindre -eindre -oindre

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In this French grammar lesson we will learn about –aindre -eindre -oindre verbs conjugation in the present tense.

Verbs that end with –aindre -eindre -oindre fall in the fourth group of -re verb conjugations.

In this lesson you will also learn how the verbs in this group are conjugated by using several verbs that fall in this group as an example.

In this lesson you will learn about:

  • how aindre -eindre -oindre verbs are conjugated in French,
  • which aindre -eindre -oindre verbs there are in French,
  • how -aindre -eindre -oindre verbs are pronounced in French,
  • how aindre -eindre -oindre verb are used in sentences in French,
  • how aindre -eindre -oindre verb conjugation Anki files can be downloaded.

Please refer to the French A1 Curriculum to get a better overview of French grammar if you are curious about how aindre -eindre -oindre fit in French A1 grammar.

By the end of the lesson you will know all about aindre -eindre -oindre conjugation in the present tense!

Table of Contents

-aindre Verbs Conjugation in the Present Tense Table

craindre (to fear)

-aindre Verbs Overview

contraindreto force
craindreto fear
plaindreto pity
se plaindreto complain

-eindre Verbs Conjugation in the Present Tense Table

peindre (to paint)

-eindre Verbs Overview

atteindre to attain/ to reach
dépeindre to depict
empreindre to imprint
étreindre to embrace
feindre to feign
geindre to groan/ to whine
peindre to paint
repeindre to repaint
restreindreto restrict/ to limit

-oindre Verbs Conjugation in the Present Tense Table

joindre (to join)

-oindre Verbs Overview

adjoindre to appoint
conjoindre  to unite
disjoindre to disconnect/to seperate
joindreto join
oindre to anoint
rejoindreto rejoin

Pronunciation of -aindre, -eindre, -oindre Verbs

In this section on -aindre -eindre -oindre verbs conjugation in the present tense we will focus on pronunciation.

There are 2 important rules to take into account when we want to pronounce a -aindre -eindre -oindre conjugation in the present tense in French.

  1. The je, tu, and il/elle/on form all have the same pronunciation. The s, and t are not pronounced.

Je peins

Tu peins

Il peint

All these VERBS have the same exact pronunciation.

  1. In the ils/elles form one does not pronounce the ent.

Ils peignent

The last letter that is pronounced is the “n“.

Example Sentences with -aindre, -eindre, -oindre Conjugation in the Present Tense

The final section of this lesson on -aindre -eindre -oindre conjugation in the present tense is about seeing it in action, so you can improve your understanding on -aindre -eindre -oindre conjugation in the present tense through example sentences.

Here are some example sentences that show how -aindre -eindre -oindre verbs are used French.

Je peins le garage.

I am painting the garage.

Tu sais peindre ?

Do you know how to paint?

Il craint que son frère échoue.

He fears that his brother will fail.

Nous ne craignons pas la compétition.

We’re not afraid of competition.

Joignez-vous à notre table !

Come over to our table!

De plus en plus d’étudiants se joignent aux protestations.

More and more students are joining the protests.

Anki File for -aindre, -eindre, -oindre Conjugation in the Present Tense

It is important to do the Anki excercises for this lesson, so that you can better remember what you just studied.

By downloading the Anki File for French A1, you can practice every French A1 lesson that is on Language Atlas.

You can also choose to just get the Anki File for French A1 Verbs. This only has the verbs for French A1.

If you don’t know why you should use Anki, or if you don’t know what Anki is, then please click here.

Anki can be downloaded from here.

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