French A1 Curriculum [All 99 Lessons you Need to Know in 2022]


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Do you want to know what the French A1 Curriculum is?

Well look no further! In this post I am going to share the French A1 Curriculum so you know exactly what will be on Language Atlas.

As you may know the French language can be categorized in 6 levels. The French A1 Curriculum deals with the first level.

This is according to the CEFR model.

The language has been divided into 7 chapters.

Every chapter has lessons for you to study.

Within every lesson you can also find a quiz to test your knowledge.

At the very end of this post, you can find a table with all of the relevant Anki files.

Table of Contents



In this chapter we are going to examine the Verbs in the French A1 Curriculum.

These are all in the present tense, unless otherwise indicated.

Verbs are sometimes also called action words. They cause something to happen in a sentence. They are the source of action and movement.

-er Verbs

-er verbsRegular verbs
-cer verbsSemi-regular verbs
-ger verbsSemi-regular verbs
e-consonant-er verbsSemi-regular verbs
é-consonant-er verbsSemi-regular verbs
-eler verbsSemi-regular verbs

-ir Verbs

-ir verbsRegular verbs
Venir/Tenir and derivativesIrregular verbs
Partir/Dormir and derivativesIrregular verbs
Ouvrir and derivativesIrregular verbs

-re Verbs

-re verbsRegular Verbs
Prendre and derivativesIrregular verbs
Mettre and derivativesIrregular verbs
-aindre, -eindre, oindre verbsIrregular verbs
Conduire and derivativesIrregular verbs
Connaître and derivativesIrregular verbs

Important Irregular Verbs

AvoirIrregular Verbs
ÊtreIrregular Verbs
AllerIrregular Verbs
FaireIrregular Verbs
PouvoirIrregular Verbs
VouloirIrregular Verbs
DevoirIrregular Verbs
SavoirIrregular Verbs
VoirIrregular Verbs
CroireIrregular Verbs
DireIrregular Verbs
LireIrregular Verbs
BoireIrregular Verbs
ÉcrireIrregular Verbs

Reflexive Verbs

How to form reflexive verbsReflexive Verbs
s’appelerReflexive Verbs
se leverReflexive Verbs
se coucherReflexive Verbs

Verbs and Time

When to use Le Futur ProcheThe near future
When to use Le Passé RécentThe recent past
When to use Le PrésentThe present tense


In this chapter we are going to examine the Pronouns in the French A1 Curriculum.

pronoun is a word that is used in place of a noun or a noun phrase.

Some examples are: I, you, he, she, we, and they.

Subject Pronouns

Je How to say ‘I’
Tu vs Vous Two ways to say ‘you’
OnHow to use ‘on’
On vs NousTwo ways to say ‘we’
Il/Elle vs Ils/EllesHe/She vs They

Stress Pronouns

Stress PronounsHow to use Stress Pronouns

Indefinite Pronouns

Tout le mondeHow to say everyone/everybody

Demonstrative Pronouns

C’est vs Il/Elle estHow to say ‘it is’
C’est vs Ce sont‘This is’ versus ‘These are’
ÇaHow to say ‘that’

Articles and Nouns

In this chapter we are going to examine the Articles and Nouns in the French A1 Curriculum.

An article is a word that is used in front of a noun. In English we have definite articles and indefinite articles. The definite article is “the”, and the indefinite ones are “a” and “an”.

Nouns are humans, animals, plants, and things.


le, la, and l’How to say ‘the’
un and uneHow to say ‘a’ and ‘an’
les and desArticles for plural words
du, de la, de l’, desHow to say ‘some’
au, aux, du, desHow to contract
body parts need articlesHow to talk about the body


How to make nouns pluralMaking nouns plural
Identifying the gender of nounsKnowning the gender of nouns


In this chapter we are going to examine the Idioms in the French A1 Curriculum.

An Idiom is a set construction that is often used in a language.

Set Idioms

Il y aThere is/are
Je m’appelleMy name is
C’estIt is
Avoir besoin deTo need
Avoir envie deTo want to
Avoir mal (à)To be in pain
Avoir peur deTo be scared
Ça m’est égalTo not care
Être d’accord avecTo agree with
Comment ça vaGreetings (with aller)
Être àExpress possessions
(Être) en retard
/avance/à l’heure
Express punctuality
Faire de, jouer àDo sports/hobbies
Jouer dePlay an instrument
Il fait (adjective) + il y a (noun)Talk about the weather
Sentir [quelque chose]Using your senses

General Idioms

How to use numbersFrom 0 to 1,000,000,000
How to tell time12 hour and 24 hour clock
French calendarDays, weeks, months, and years


In this chapter we are going to examine the Negations in the French A1 Curriculum.

You will learn how to make a sentence negative.

ne (verb) pashow to say ‘not’
ne (verb) jamaishow to say ‘never’
ne (verb) plushow to say ‘neither’
ne + (reflexive pronoun) + (verb) + pasnegating reflexive verbs
du/de la/des become de/d’ in negationsnegating partitive articles
un/une become de/d’ in negationsnegating indefinite articles
ne + (conjugated verb) + (infinitive) + pasnegating with two verbs

Questions and Interrogatives

In this chapter we are going to examine the Questions and Interrogatives in the French A1 Curriculum.

You will the learn the basics of how to ask a question.

– C’est quoi (chose)
– Qu’est-ce que c’est (chose)
– Qu’est-ce que (chose)
What is this?
Comment formuler une questionHow to form a question

Adjectives and Adverbs

In this chapter we are going to examine the Adjectives and Adverbs in the French A1 Curriculum.

These are describing words. They say something about a noun or a noun phrase.


Adjectives that go before a noun
How to make an adjective feminineAdd an -e
How to make an adjective pluralAdd an -s or -es
Irregular feminine adjectives
Possessive adjectivesmon/ton/son/notre etc.
Using “de” for possession
Adjectives after c’est are masculine
Adjectives and colour


How to form adverbsMake it feminine and add -ment

Prepositions and Conjunctions

In this chapter we are going to examine the Prepositions and Conjuctions in the French A1 Curriculum.

In English there are many prepositions: in, out, next to, before, after, behind, in front of etc.

French has these as well. We will learn how to use them.

Common prepositionsderrière/devant/entre/sous/sur
How to say “in”dans versus en
Prepositions and citiesà and de
Prepositions and regions/states/provincesdans le versus en
Prepositions and countriesau versus en versus aux
Prepositions and means of transportà versus en

If you have done all the lessons of the French A1 Curriculum you can move onto the French A2 Curriculum.

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