Top 5 Podcasts To Learn Spanish With

One of the greatest ways to learn something new is to listen to or watch podcasts. So, why not supplement your courses by listening to

Los Reyes Magos or Christmas

One of the best times of year is Christmas. It’s the best because it’s the day we all get presents! But in Spain, they celebrate

How to find a student room in France in 2022

Finding a student room in France is daunting for prospective international students. With the number of international students in France exceeding 350,000 and trending upwards,

5 Spanish Songs To Learn Spanish With

One of the easiest ways to learn Spanish phrases is through song, and with these 5 Spanish songs, you’ll be learning Spanish in no time.

The Five Languages Of Spain

So, you’ve decided to learn Spanish, but did you know about the five languages of Spain? That’s right, “Spanish” isn’t just Spanish. In fact, there