French Pronouns Overview

This is the French Pronouns Overview.

The French pronouns are ordered according to the CEFR level scale.

What Are Pronouns?

Pronouns are a subcategory of nouns. What sets them apart are that pronouns can replace other nouns. 

For example, if you tell a story about your father John, it becomes rather dull if you keep saying “John” over and over again.

In that case you can refer to your father as “he” or “him”.

There are many different kinds of pronouns, you will meet all of them as you progress!

Learning Path

In A0/A1 you will learn the fundamentals of French pronouns. 

In A1 you will learn about the beginner’s principles of French pronouns

In A2 you will learn about the elementary principles of French pronouns.

In B1 you will learn about the intermediate principles of French pronouns.

In B2 you will learn about the upper intermediate principles of French pronouns.

French a0/a1: Introduction to french

How to say I


How to say you

[Tu vs Vous]

Il/Elle vs Ils/Elles

[He/She/It vs They]



On vs Nous

[We vs We]

French a1: pronouns

Tout le monde


Stress Pronouns

(moi, toi, lui, elle, nous, vous, eux, elles)



C’est vs Ce sont

[This is vs These are]

C’est vs Il/Elle est

[This is]

French a2: pronouns

Structuring French Sentences: subjects, verbs, and objects

How to use direct object pronouns (le, la, l’, les)

How to use indirect object pronouns (lui, leur)

How to use direct and indirect object pronouns (me, te, nous, vous)

How to position object pronouns

How to Position Object Pronouns in Compound Tenses

How to use ‘y’ (there)

How to use ‘en’ (of them)

How to use possessive pronouns (le mien, le nôtre etc.)

When to use stress pronouns (moi, toi, lui etc.)

How to use tout (tout, tous, toute, toutes)

How to say  ‘someone’/’someone else’

How to say ‘the other ones(s)’

How to express quantity

How to say ‘the same’

How to say ‘each’ and ‘each one’

French B1: pronouns

que vs qui

[that, which, whom]

ce que vs ce qui

[what vs which]

[where and when]

celui, celle, ceux, celles

[the one(s)]

Using le/l’ to refer to previously mentioned things

French B2: pronouns

à qui/à laquelle/auquel

[to whom/which/what

Direct and Indirect Object Pronouns in one sentence

Direct Object and Y in sentences with double pronouns

Indirect Object and En in sentences with double pronouns

Express Reciprocity

tout ce que/tout ce qui

[all everything that]