French Idioms Overview

This is the French Idioms Overview.

The French idioms are ordered according to the CEFR level scale.

What Are Idioms?

Idioms are phrases or sentences, that have a particular meaning, that you would not be able to understand, from the individual words.

Essentially there are phrases that have a particular meaning.

You would not be able to deduce the meaning just by looking at the phrases.

For example, if you say that a pair of shoes suits someone, then you are actually saying that it looks good on someone. You are not talking about the size.


Learning Path

In A0/A1 you will learn the fundamentals of French idioms. 

In A1 you will learn about the beginner’s principles of French idioms

In A2 you will learn about the elementary principles of French idioms

In B1 you will learn about the intermediate principles of French idioms.

In B2 you will learn about the upper intermediate principles of French idioms.

French a0/a1: Introduction to french

Idioms: My name is

[Je m’appelle]

Idioms: It is


Idioms: There is/There are

[Il y a]

French a1: Idioms

Avoir besoin de

[To need]

Avoir envie de

[To feel like/want]

Avoir mal (à)

[Expressing physical pain]

Avoir peur de

[To be scared/afraid of]

Ça m’est egal

[To not care]

Être d’accord avec

[To agree with]

Comment ça va

[How are you]

Être à

[Express possessions ]

(Être) en retard

[Express punctuality ]

(Faire de, jouer à

[Do sports/hobbies]

Jouer de

[Play an instrument]

Il fait (adjective) + il y a (noun)

[Talk about the weather]

Pour + (infinitif)

[In order to]

Sentir [quelque chose]

[Using your senses]

How to use numbers

How to tell time

How to talk about days, weeks, months, and years

French a2: Idioms


[to love and to like]

Aller à 

[To suit someone]

Avoir raison/tort/

[To be right/wrong]

Devoir: Passé Composé vs Imparfait

Express punctuality

Faire confiance (à)

[To trust someone]

Faire exprès (de)

[To do something on purpose]

Faire mal à versus faire du mal à 

[Physical pain vs Emotional Pain]

Il y a (duration)

[X (time unit) ago]

Manquer (à)/(de) 

[To miss someone/something]

(Se) Promener, marcher, aller à pied 

[To (take a) walk]

Savoir versus Connaître

Se souvenir de

[To remember]

Visiter vs Rendre visite à 

[To visit a place vs A person]

French B1: Idioms

avoir du mal avec/à

[to struggle with]

faillir + infinitive

[to almost do something]

passer et réussir un examen

[to take and pass an exam]

French B2: Idioms

How to talk about events from a past perspective